Teachers from Around the World

by Ian Hefele

In this post, I profile Badar Al Shahiri, who teaches Arabic for SIT Graduate Institute’s Language and Culture department. (Earlier this fall, I profiled Beatriz (Bea) Fantini, the director of the department.

Al Shahiri is from Salalah, Oman. Before coming to the US, Al Shahiri received his BA in English Literature and continued studying for a fifth year to earn his teaching diploma. Now, Al Shari is enrolled in SIT’s MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program and teaches Beginners Arabic 1 and Intermediate Arab 2 at SIT.

Al Shahiri has been a teacher since 2007 in and around Salalah, and he learned about SIT through his teaching supervisor in Oman who knew about SIT from the ministry of education at the US Embassy.

While working in Oman, Al Shari applied for a Fulbright Scholarship. He said, “I never believed I would win the scholarship,” but fortunately, he did. Al Shahiri described the application and acceptance process as “long but soon enough, I had a proposal from SIT sent to Oman and I accepted it.” He told me, “For me, SIT is a perfect job. It offers such variety of international experience and is set in such a beautiful part of the country!”

Al Shahiri will be at SIT in Vermont until May 2012 teaching Arabic. When he completes his studies at SIT, said he said, “I look forward to using the valuable techniques I’m learning at SIT. However, I will greatly miss all of the students and staff I have befriended, so far.”

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