SIT Academic Director in Argentina Publishes New Book on Health Sector Reforms

SIT Academic Director Ana Rita Díaz-Muñoz, together with two prominent economists from the health sector—Laura Lima Quintana and Mónica Levcovich—has just published her second book. The book identifies and analyzes the main changes incorporated in the health systems of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands within the last two decades and sheds light on the impact these changes might have on reform trends in each country.

Ana Rita Díaz-Muñoz (right) with fellow authors Laura Lima Quintana and Mónica Levcovich

Entitled Las Reformas de los Sistemas de Salud del Reino Unido, Estados Unidos y Países Bajos. De la década del 90 al siglo XXI (Health Systems Reforms in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands from the 1990s to the 21st Century), the book was published by Fundación Sanatorio Güemes, an organization that runs a master’s in medicine program with the University of Buenos Aires. The book follows the theme of the publication Sistemas de Salud en Proceso de Reforma (Health Systems in Reform) written by the same authors and published by the health policy division of the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, DC, in 1994.

The book is intended to be a useful pedagogical tool for graduate and postgraduate studies in Argentina by providing examples of reforms made in the health systems of three countries with organizational, financial, and insurance structures that, to varying degrees, have similarities to structures within the Argentine health system.

The book also provides an analysis of certain aspects of health systems, such as the roles of federal and state governments in addressing the health needs of their populations, that the three countries discussed in the book have in common with Argentina. The examples and analysis within the book can provide useful comparisons when analyzing Argentina’s health system.

The authors are working on two other volumes that will analyze other European and Latin American instances of health sector reform. This research will be done, as the authors explain, “with the conviction that our work can be a contribution to an engaged and informed debate on the changes necessary to make the Argentine health system more inclusive and achieve equity goals.”

Díaz-Muñoz is the academic director of SIT’s Argentina: Public Health in Urban Environments program, which she designed in 2011–2012. Díaz-Muñoz is presently a PhD candidate at the University of Buenos Aires’ prestigious College of Social Sciences. She is working on innovative research that analyzes the extent to which social policies contribute to reducing inequalities in early childhood.

SIT Academic Director Ana Rita Díaz-Muñoz speaks about her new book at the University of Buenos Aires.

The process of conducting research for the book has enhanced the already extensive experience of Díaz-Muñoz in the field of health studies. This, in turn, has enriched the content of the SIT program she directs by better preparing Díaz-Muñoz to facilitate discussions with students about health systems in the US and other countries in relation to the Argentine health system.

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