Winners of the 2012 SIT Photo Contest!

SIT is happy to congratulate the winners of the spring 2012 photo contest. The SIT photo contest is a way for SIT Study Abroad and SIT Graduate Institute students and alumni to share some of the memories that made their experience with SIT special, while highlighting the beauty of the fascinating countries in which we study and work.

We received hundreds of remarkable and inspiring photographs, and want to thank the many students and alumni who submitted entries. The winner from each category will receive $200 to donate to a charity of his or her choice. Special recognition will also be paid to those fantastic photographs that received honorable mention.

And the winners for each category are…

Winner  –  “Experiential” Category
Learning in action, in the classroom or in the field

Melanie plays Slovak accordian; Experiential photo contest winner

Melanie learns to play a Slovak accordion

Photo: Jessica Hock
SIT Study Abroad, Czech Republic: Arts & Social Change
Spring 2012

Winner  –  “Extraordinary” Category
Inspiring photos from your experience with SIT

The Golden Temple, Extraordinary Photo Contest Winner

The Golden Temple, an important pilgrimage site for Sikhs. The temple is a sacred space where people from across India come to pray and heal.

Photo: Catherine Flint
SIT Study Abroad, IHP Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, and Politics
Spring 2011

Winner – “Viewer’s Choice” Category
Your creativity, interests, and passions—whatever you want to share with others. (Our public viewing category, voted on by fans of our Facebook page.)

Viewer's Choice Category Winner

Perhaps the greatest challenge we faced while living in Afia Baxo, Senegal was the language barrier. At times we communicated simply through emotions and gestures, as one of the village boys does here.

Photo: Amy Forshay
SIT Study Abroad, Senegal: National Identity & the Arts
Fall 2011

Honorable Mention – “Experiential” Category

Experiential Category Honorable Mention

With the staff of Khampa Nomad Impressions, a Tibetan owned bar in Shangri-la. For one month, I immersed myself in the life of Khampa, performing with the musicians, and learning Tibetan music.

Photo: Brent Crane
SIT Study Abroad, China: Language, Cultures, & Ethnic Minorities
Fall 2011

Experiential Category Honorable Mention

Dressed as a Himalayan cowboy, I sit amongst Sherpas waving knives blessed in yak butter during a festival in Thamo, a remote village below Mount Everest in Nepal.

Photo: Judson Peck
SIT Study Abroad, Nepal: Development & Social Change
Fall 2010

Honorable Mention – “Extraordinary” Category

Extraordinary Category Honorable Mention

A Rock Hyrax leaping between two stone faces in Tanzania.

Photo: Samuel Glickman
SIT Study Abroad, Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation & Political Ecology
Spring 2011

Extraordinary Category Honorable Mention

Sea lions in the Beagle Channel of Tierra del Fuego.

Photo: Benjamin Green
SIT Study Abroad, Argentina: Regional Integration, Development, & Social Change
Spring 2012

Honorable Mention – “Viewer’s Choice” Category

Viewer's Choice Category Honorable Mention

Children waiting for snack time at our NGO in South Africa.

Photo: Josh Erdman
SIT Study Abroad, South Africa: Community Health & Social Policy
Spring 2012

Viewer's Choice Category Honorable Mention

Gaining a New Perspective in the Rural Village.

Photo: Sarah Deal
SIT Study Abroad, South Africa: Multiculturalism & Human Rights
Spring 2012

Congratulations to our winners!

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