SIT Study Abroad Faculty Coauthors Book on Natural Medicine

SIT Academic Director Dr. Nat Quansah and Dr. Patricia Randrianavony have published a new cross-cultural health book, Nature’s Gift To Humanity: Natural Remedies For Selected Common Health Problems.

Nature's Gift To Humanity

Nature's Gift To Humanity

The book offers information on 39 natural remedies—primarily medicinal plants—used in addressing more than 30 common health problems. In addition to describing each health concern, the book gives detailed treatment instructions that include guidelines on the quantity of the material needed and correct dosage amounts.

Dr. Quansah explains that “the book was a result of our desire to share with others what we’ve learned through research and firsthand experience about the use of natural remedies, particularly medicinal plants, in meeting our healthcare needs.”

 The material is presented in easy-to-follow language and includes pictures of the remedies for additional context. It reflects the authors’ more than 35 years combined field and laboratory research on natural medicine.

Dr. Quansah is the academic director of SIT’s Madagascar: Traditional Medicine and Healthcare Systems program. Dr. Randrianavony is a researcher with the Laboratoire de Pharmacologie Générale, de Pharmacocinétique et de Cosmétologiein the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Nat Quansah

Nat Quansah

The book builds on Dr. Quansah’s distinguished and cutting-edge work in ethnobotany and healthcare. In 2000, he received the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for his work in the areas of local capacity reinforcement, integrated healthcare, biological and cultural diversity conservation, and sustainable resource use. His work has consistently involved local and international public education through radio and television documentaries and popular and scientific publications.

Dr. Quansah holds a PhD in pteridology from the University of London’s Goldsmiths College and an MSc in botany from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Recent speaking engagements include his presentation “The Impact of Biodiversity Conservation on the Practice of Traditional Medicine”, given during the Africa Traditional Medicine Day celebration in Tamatave, Madagascar (2011).

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