SIT Cameroon

Memories from Cameroon

From the four months I spent studying abroad in Cameroon, Central Africa, there are moments and memories strong enough to taste, that suddenly transport me back.

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The Mekong River

Looking Back and Ahead: My Six Months in Vietnam

One of the most important lessons I learned during my time in Vietnam was to practice patience, open-mindedness, and not to be judgmental.

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Samoa 1

Weaving Poetry through the Pacific

Academic directors continually encourage students to reflect and learn from the experiences they have. Creative assignments provide opportunities to think in innovative ways.

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Mostar Summer Youth Programme

Balkans Alumna Starts Youth Program in Bosnia-Herzegovina

I co-founded MSYP, as my previous experiences with young people in Bosnia-Herzegovina inspired me to give back and develop an innovative model of youth empowerment.

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Australia Lizard Island

Five Reasons to Study Rainforest and Reef Ecology in Australia with SIT

SIT’s Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology program in Australia gives students an up-close look at some of Australia’s unique natural environments and the country’s conservation efforts. But there’s even more to the program than you might imagine. Below, we tell you five reasons to study ecology in Australia with SIT.

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